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Fill out a simple form to request access to this website. If you've already requested access and have received your welcome email containing your User ID, temporary password and security code, you must finish setting up your account.

Temporary Password or Security Code was Lost or Expired

Contact Attigo Customer Support to receive a new temporary password and security code.

Don't have a Security Code?

Ascendium uses Symantec Validation and ID Protection (VIP) for two-factor authentication, for safe and secure access.

You can get your security code by having one of the following:

VIP Security Token

If you have a VIP Security Token, you already have what you need and can register it for use with our website.

VIP Access Application

If you do not have a VIP Security Token, you may download the VIP Access application to generate your long-term security code.

Get VIP Access External site

Once you have access to a security code, you'll need to register your security code for use on our website.

Learn more about how to get your security code and two-factor authentication.